Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Week's Links

Jessica here. I have been so embarrassingly absent lately and I want to apologize. Starting a blog was never something I pictured would take a lot of time and effort, AND IT DOES, and sometimes I just want to watch Grey's Anatomy during nap time instead of blog. So sometimes I do! But in the spirit of not quitting, of working for what you want and getting out of your comfort zone, I'm here, and I am sharing a few links I can't stop looking at (no really, the gliders? I CAN'T STOP. I want one so bad.)
P.S. Amy is in NEW ZEALAND right now so let's all just take a minute and hate her while she frolics in the land of Hobbits and Flight of the Conchords.

1. This little shop has been inspiring me via Instagram to get sewing for a few months now. (I haven't started sewing anything yet though... doh.) I love these cute quilts! Are you interested in one? Cause I'll make you one. Seriously I will.

2. I am going to order one of these watches. I just can't decide which style!

3. I am always looking for different religious art (sorry Simon Dewey, I just can't have you EVERYWHERE.) Check this out! I think it is awesome.

4. I love this Hawaii themed nursery. So mature and I AM OBSESSED with that glider.

5. Here is another glider I am obsessed with. In teal, please.

6. I love browsing for fabric. This Etsy shop is one of my favorite resources.

7. I am a frequent flier on the sale site of my favorite clothing shops. These printed girls swimsuits are $12 at American Apparel right now and they have solids for $8, too! (BTW, shipping in the US is only $5. You Canadians can send me your stuff and I'll bring it home for you in April, okay?)

8. Easter is coming and I am planning on giving Ruby an Easter basket full of handmade goods, including this I-Spy Bottle.

9. And THIS will be the perfect Easter dress!

10. I loooooove these pompom shorts. Will def be making some of these too! (Matching mom and Ruby shorts, anyone?!)

My gosh, looks like I better get sewing!

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