Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stuff We Eat: Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potato

I once dabbled in the paleo diet for about a month. Honestly, I loved it! I had so much energy, felt great emotionally, and my tummy really flattened out, which for me never happens. This happened in only a month! I can't even imagine how it would've looked if I stuck to it!

One thing I really enjoyed making was PaleOmg's Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potato. You can find the link here. Juli is hilarious in all her posts and while I no longer eat the paleo way (with more running I needed the carbs and I just wasn't getting them! I'm looking to find a way to balance the two. Any tips?) I still like to check her site for recipes and to get a dose of a real girl/blogger/chef in everyday life.

If I didn't have ground turkey I would just substitute ground beef: it's fattier but still delicious! Also I am a wimp to spice so I added less hot sauce and cayenne pepper and then spiced it up to taste.

Do you do paleo? Thoughts on the lifestyle? What are your favorite paleo recipes/websites?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Scott and I try to eat paleo. If you need recipes just ask! Our saving grace almost every day is cauliflower. We eat it when we're craving french fries, mashed potatoes, chips... Okay, I just love potatoes. Our favourite recipe right now is a chicken lettuce wraps and vegan reese pieces cups when we're craving sugar.

    1. Also, you should go buy the book Against All Grain. It's my favourite. I'm done commenting now haha.

    2. I will add that to my list! I also hear Grain Brain is pretty crazy, although not a cookbook so maybe not related to your comment at all. Haha. Thanks for the suggestion. Those Reese cups sound deliciooooous.