Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fireweed + Cotopaxi

Living a world apart has made it pretty tough for us to do much adventuring together, (Amy in Australia, Jessica in Idaho) but on my last trip home we did manage to take a quick hike to beautiful Bertha Falls in Waterton National Park, Alberta.
We teamed up with Cotopaxi, a fairly new and 100% awesome company and set out on the trails with our new Luzon packs.

The pack was just perfect for a day hike. We shoved in a few extra clothes, sunscreen, and of course lots of snacks and everything fit perfectly. The fabric is the perfect mix between water resistant and breathable so our backs didn't get too sweaty. Lightly padded straps meant that nothing was cutting or rubbing and we were able to focus on the views and not adjusting an awkward pack.
Inside is kept to the basics- one giant pocket and a sleeve pocket for a water bladder. One zip pocket on the outside is perfect to put your phone, wallet, keys, or whatever little necessities you see fit. Throw it all in and cinch it up with a drawstring tie and you are ready to get out!

What's "Gear for Good" all about? Cotopaxi sells directly to the consumer online, reducing retail markups and giving the money a chance to go elsewhere: like India, Peru, and the Phillipines (just to name a few.) Through your purchases people in other countries are given access to things like clean water and education: things we don't even think about but Cotopaxi is taking the steps to provide to others. You go!

Check out Cotopaxi here and grab some outdoor packs and apparel guilt-free by scoring 15% off your order. Just enter FIREWEED at checkout before August 31.

Thanks Cotopaxi! We'll be getting out this weekend!

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