Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet Jessica

I wanted to find a way to introduce myself without sounding self-absorbed or conceited, because the last thing I want this blog to be is a brag festival about how awesome I (and Amy) am (are). I don't really know where or how to start, so I guess I'll start by saying the shirt in this picture is a hand-me-down, which a lot of my clothes still are these days, the necklace was from Barbados I think; it was a gift from a boyfriend. And my bracelet says 'stop global warming,' a topic I was very passionate about yet knew nothing about (and I still don't, cause apparently it's not even a thing anymore).

Also, this picture was taken in 2006. I hadn't even graduated from high school yet.

But I haven't changed all that much. I still love to hike, still love the outdoors, still like to make my nail polish clash with my hand-me-downs. Oh and still suck at doing my hair.

I guess you could say I'm laid back, but not. I LOVE having a clean house but sometimes it feels good to just sit in a mess and make time for stuff you like to do (like right now. with blogging. you should see the laundry thrown about the house.) I like to learn. Lately my big interest has been with minimalism. I like to read and try new things, which is why my hair was so greasy last week (trying out the baking soda and vinegar or 'no-poo' fad). I like pretty notebooks, am guilty of pinning way too much, and really want to cut dairy out of my life but it's just. so. hard. I hope that I come off real on this blog. I really believe in being yourself, no matter what. Every time I look at someone and get jealous or think 'oh man I wish I was more like her,' I hit myself and think again 'the thing that makes her so awesome is that she is HERSELF.' So I hope you enjoy this fun new way of expressing ourselves, and I hope you enjoy seeing how we grow and change and that you grow and change with us.
Or stay the same, whatever you want to do really.

Now excuse me while I indulge in some ice cream.

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