Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Summertime Must Do's Close to Home

It has been warming up over here in Idaho, so obviously I am busy making mental bucket lists in my head of the thousands of fun things we MUST do this summer. I thought I'd share a few tried and true activities we love to do when the weather heats up!

1. Float a river (or canal...) Here in Boise we have a small river going right through town, which is perfect for inner tubes. The Payette is just 30 minutes away, and we love to go white water rafting. No raft? Get some buddies together and rent one, or join a rafting trip. Perfect for a hot summers day!

2. Take a Sunday drive. We used to do this all the time and it is one of my favorite memories of growing up! Explore what you can find within an hour or two of your city. Pack a picnic and enjoy the company!
Idaho City, less than an hour from Boise
3. BBQ. Warmth outdoors always makes me crave burgers and watermelon. Mmmm watermelon! Fire up the grill and try some new recipes. Tonight we are having tinfoil dinners!

4. Take a hike. Obviously we would recommend this! Whether you live near the mountains or on the prairie, there is always somewhere to walk that you haven't been before.
Stanley, Idaho
5. Go to your nearest Fair. Most have a family night where admission/rides are cheaper and the grounds are smoke and alcohol free. Ruby loved the petting zoo last year!

6. Create. I always loved to gather up outdoors elements and hot glue them to a paper. Get out the Modge Podge and see what you can come up with! This would be fun with kiddos, or just your grown-up self.

7. Beautify your yard. Working outside is another thing I actually really LOVE to do with Blake. There is something so fulfilling about spending time working on something together and then getting to enjoy it.

8. Run a race. This has become one thing Blake and I really enjoy doing together. Google races in your area and get some friends to sign up, too. Mud and color runs are real popular this time of year!
Raymond Alberta Road Race
9. Pick wildflowers. I LOVE have fresh flowers in my home, but I don't love spending money on them (I'm real cheap like that.) A nice alternative (unless you are in a national park or other protected area) is to pick flowers! They're prettier too, in my opinion. AND ORGANIC!

10. Spend lazy days in your own backyard. While writing this I sat outside, watching kids scooter on half pipes, play in the dirt, and hang on basketball hoops. Even just a few minutes outside is enough vitamin D to boost my spirits and get me inspired if I'm feeling blah. Grab a blanket and go be lazy.
My parents backyard in Raymond, Alberta
And a bonus....

11. Music Festivals! I just couldn't leave this one out. Music and street festivals are ALL OVER in the summer. Get online and scope one out, or ask around and check out signs in gas stations, etc. A lot of them are free too. One I am dying to go to this year is the Harmonica Festival in Yellow Pine, ID. Once a year, this teeny, TINY town gets flooded with thousands of people all gathered to enjoy the music of harmonicas. I swear you can find a festival for just about anything if you look hard enough!
Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Happy adventuring!

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